Wrestling Informant Membership

One of the best reasons to visit our site is the fact that it is Ad Free. We do that better than anyone because we never charge you for an Ad Free experience. Another thing we do better than anyone else is podcasting. We’ve got the professional equipment needed to deliver a high quality podcast experience to the listener. Doesn’t it drive you nuts when you listen to another podcast and the quality is just dreadful? You’ve got hosts or guests who are hard to hear or you hear telephone buttons smashing. That’s because a lot of these other sites use teleconferencing software and dial in to do their “podcast”. The losers in this are the people who pay upwards of 7-10 bucks to listen to this. It’s not listener friendly and not “best for business” (…see what i did there?)

Since we specialize in podcasting, we’ve created a special section of our site for a membership. You can access our membership by paying $2.99/month and you will get access to all the features below and best of all every dollar you pay in your membership goes back into the site to help keep it running. Check out a breakdown of what we have and click the image below to sign up: