WWE Roadblock End of The Line: Results and Review

Unfortunately, Roadblock ended up being a rather disappointing PPV. Most of the matches were easily predictable and the one that wasn’t  – The Ironwoman Match – was a booking atrocity. The very little good to come out of Roadblock was courtesy of the tag team titles match and later on – by the surprise return of Neville. Here’s who stood victorious last night and how the show went! Let’s talk Roadblock!

The preshow match was a letdown. Rusev outsmarted Big Cass but he looked weak in doing so. It wasn’t a proper head-on collision between equals. It was a very one-sided affair with the Bulgarian Brute having to weasel his way out.

Also, it’s frustrating to hear Enzo practically say that he won’t shut up because he has Cass to fight for him and still have to pretend that Rusev is the heel here. The WWE had a good opportunity to try something new with the Bulgarian Brute and they missed it. If the booking goes in the same direction, Rusev will suffer from this rivalry.

On a side note, it hit me last night that both Big Cass and Rusev were fighting to protect their wives’ honour at Roadblock.

Sheamus and Cesaro def. New Day

This was the best match of the night by a long shot. It was simply pure brilliance!

The New Day might have lost but they looked incredible all the way through. In fact, Sheamus and Cesaro had to use tricks to beat them. That says a lot.

The action was so intense and the result was so hard to call that the fans were on the edge of their seats. So many near falls with such impeccable timing! It was a real pleasure to watch this fight.

I am excited about Sheamus and Cesaro with the titles. Their chemistry will make for some good storylines. The backstage segments will be gold, I guarantee it!

Sami Zayn def. Braun Strowman

Have you ever watched a movie that tried so hard to be dramatic that you ended up not caring whatsoever? That’s exactly what happened with the Zayn narration at Roadblock.

Sami was getting his ass kicked when Mick Foley made an absolutely useless and overdramatic appearance. It was nothing more than time-wasting tactics. Why would Strowman care so much about Sami being written off when he could have easily destroyed him and it would have given him pleasure?

Overall, Sami won but ended up looking weak. It still seems impossible for him to beat Strowman ever. I don’t see how this, in a realistic development, will end up with Sami Zayn leaving the rivalry on a positive note.

Seth Rollins def. Jericho

Jericho and Rollins don’t actually have a feud. This was the main thing missing from the match.

Wrestling-wise, the pair can’t be faulted. It was a good fight. However, because of the lack of a real story here, it looked more like a RAW main event than a PPV match.

In fact, what happened at Roadblock with Jericho, losing to Rollins because of KO, was a copy/paste scenario from the last episode of RAW.

However, I have to say, I loved the Jericho/Owens moment with the scarf backstage before the match.  This kind of interaction is what I’ll miss when team Chris and Kevin finally falls apart.

Rich Swann def. TJ Perkins & Brian Kendrick

This was not the best cruiserweight match we’ve seen. Again, it was good, but not exceptional.

Rich Swann oversold the Captain’s Hook. He has to stop it with the whole “foaming at the mouth” act. It was a WOW moment the first time, now it’s just over acting.

I thought TJP would turn on Swann. He decided to stay face and it cost him the match. It’s a shame because TJ could be such an annoying heel. After all, at the preshow, he himself made a comparison between himself and Justin Bieber.

What was great about this segment wasn’t the match itself. It was what came afterwards. Neville’s badass return might have been my most favourite moment of the entire Roadblock.

Neville as a brutal heel excites me because he’ll finally get the recognition he deserves. However, I wonder how the WWE will pull off a heel persona from a guy with such incredible high-flying moves. How can you not pop for the Red Arrow? Taking the move away from Neville would be stupid but even without it, the crowd was cheering Neville last night, so he will have the fan support no matter what.

Charlotte def. Sasha Banks

Ugh. Don’t even get me started on this match! I doubt there are many wrestling fans in the world, who are not pulling their hair out, at the thought that Charlotte took the title away from Sasha at “the following PPV” for the FOURTH time.

The match was ok. The wrestling was good but the pacing was bad. Nothing truly happened in the first half at all and all the falls were crammed up in the last 8 minutes.

Now, it wouldn’t be fair if I was all negative about the match. After all, these two women are incredible athletes. An Ironman match is supposed to be exhausting but they went into overtime and didn’t show signs of slowing down. Charlotte and Sasha deserve to be given credit for the way they wrestled at Roadblock.

However, the booking was atrocious. Nobody will believe in Sasha now. It’s worse than the way Becky was treated when she came on the main roster.

Kevin Owens def. Roman Reigns

This was another underwhelming match. You can’t expect the crowd to be fully invested when there’s no feud to care about.

The fans mechanically booed Reigns and cheered Owens because it’s the thing to do. The people love to hate Roman and they’ll take any chance to show it.

Jericho, helping KO, gave me mixed feelings. Team Chris and Kevin are hilarious but I really wanted to see Jericho vs. Owens. That feud actually has some real grounds, not like what we saw at Roadblock.

The 2/3 Shield reunion didn’t mean much this time. People saw it coming miles away and it gives the fans nothing. It’s not the Shield since Ambrose isn’t there and if the WWE continues to push such blunt Shield-related imagery, when the time comes for the Shield to really reunite, the fans won’t care because they would have already grown numb to the hype.



Overall the show was weak. We didn’t even get a glimpse of Triple H and that was an appearance that was teased heavily by Rollins, in order to sell Roadblock. Hopefully, the WWE will do a much better job at starting off the New Year than they did closing the old one.

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