5 Superstars Who Could Win The IC Title

The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler IC title feud is over with the A-lister, standing on top. The Maryse factor will be hard to defeat but someone will eventually end the Miz’s reign. Who could that be? Here are my top 5 candidates for an IC title #1 contender!

Baron Corbin

The Lone Wolf has been on a roll lately. He completely and utterly dominated Kalisto in every one-on-one bout they had.  It seems like the SD writers have plans for Corbin. The question is how big are those plans?

The Lone Wolf could be either headed towards the main event after the Ellsworth angle is over, or he could be aiming at the IC title first. It would be a good way of testing how Corbin would do as a champion. He’s never been one, even on NXT, so giving him a test run in the midcard sounds like a smart move.

Although both Corbin and the Miz are heels, this wouldn’t stop them from having a rivalry. Corbin would go after anybody, if it meant getting his hands on a championship.


However, if Baron Corbin is in fact about to skyrocket into the main event, Kalisto could find a silver lining in the lost feud.

Before TLC I thought Kalisto was going to be the one getting a push, not Corbin. Kalisto was finally getting some mic time and he was doing a good job at it. And there can be no question about his in ring skills; they are spectacular.

Even if he couldn’t beat the Lone Wolf, Kalisto would have to move on. As a loveable face with a flavor for high risk maneuvers, he’d be the perfect guy to counter Miz’s extremely hate-able persona. The fans would enjoy another Rey Mysterio-like character, holding the IC title.

Luke Harper

There’s another heel who could put himself forward for the IC Title #1 contender’s position.

The New Wyatt Family is getting a major push. If the writers are ambitious enough, they could try to replicate the success of the Shield. At their best, the Shield held both the Tag Team Titles and the US title. The New Wyatt Family already has the tag gold, why not the IC title, as well?

And on a personal note, Luke Harper as an individual deserves to have a run with the gold. He’s been overlooked in the shadow of Bray Wyatt but he’s a great wrestler with a huge following in the indies. I wouldn’t mind seeing him dethrone the Miz.

It would be plausible as well. After all, how could Maryse, despite all her cunningness, counterbalance the entire Wyatt Family?

Heath Slater

Unfortunately, after the New Wyatt Family won the Tag Team Championship, the unlikely but loveable team of Slater and Rhyno seems to be headed for a break-up.

This week on Talking Smack, Rhyno walked out on his partner, outlining a very uncertain future for both of them. Rhyno is close to retirement and Heath has always been a jobber. What could be done to save the future of The Guy Who Got Kids?

Heath Slater hasn’t had much success in the WWE till now but the fans love him. He truly is the One Man Brand. I can assure you that if next week Heath Slater came out to challenge the Miz, the crowd would explode with cheers.

From all the people on this list, Slater is my personal favourite to go for the IC Title. He just deserves to be given a chance.

Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn isn’t even on SmackDown, I know, but wouldn’t it be great if he got to leave RAW? Sami is being disgracefully mistreated on the Red Brand. He went from doing nothing at all to being fed to Braun Strowman, and to Kevin Owens, as well, for good measure.

What if Sami could capitalize on his failed attempt at the Miz at Survivor Series? What if RAW kicked him out and SmackDown took him in? Sami could go after the Miz, saying that his cheating cost him his contract. He’d rightfully be seeking retribution and a title shot.

I think everyone would agree that Sami Zayn would be a deserving champion and that he’d do the IC Title justice. It’s a guy to whom this title would mean everything.


Who do you think should get a shot at the IC title next? Leave a comment and let us know!

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