WWE Survivor Series 2016:  Results & Review

Survivor Series took place last night in Toronto and it was amazing! SmackDown and RAW faced off in a spectacular fashion with the results, being almost equal, with slight prevalence to the Red Brand. The night brought many surprises, including a Shield reunion and a jaw-dropping victory for Goldberg over Brock Lesnar. Let’s see who won and how it all went down at Survivor Series!


Swann, Perkins & Dar vs. Nese, Daivari & Gulak

This was a good opening match. The speed and the high-intensity style of the cruiserweights got the crowd going early on.

Rich Swann was the stand-out star of the match. He was hysterical. He was absolutely restless and laid waste to the heel side. It seems like the next man to seriously challenge the champ Kendrick will be Swann.

Perkins possibly got his best reaction on the main roster to date when he jumped over the referee. The crowd went nuts. Too bad TJP didn’t get that much spotlight when he actually was the champion.

Winner: Swann, Perkins & Dar

Kane vs. Luke Harper

This match was short and forgettable. If you missed it, buying snacks, don’t worry, it wasn’t exceptional.

Then again, it wasn’t a bad match either. It’s just that there was nothing worth remembering. It was good enough for Kane, though, who’s being cautiously built up on SmackDown. The Big Red Machine isn’t a central main event player any more but the Blue Brand’s doing him justice by putting victories under his belt and building his credibility.

Winner: Kane

Main Show

RAW vs. SmackDown Women

Nikki got taken out before the match and the suspicion fell on Carmella, who’s had her issues with the Fearless Bella. However, it would be much more interesting, if it actually turns out to be Natalya. After all, if Nikki hadn’t been taken out, Natty would have not competed.

The one that took the spotlight in the match was without a doubt Nia Jax. Jax has never looked stronger. She decimated the entire Team SmackDown on her own and everyone looked weak in comparison.

Therefore, when Becky Lynch eliminated Jax, it gave the SmackDown champion great momentum. In a very busy match, this was a nice way of giving Becky the credibility she deserves.

RAW prevailed in the end and it was no surprise. Stephanie McMahon is the face of the Women’s Revolution and she provided her brand with the most star-power-charged women the WWE has.

Winner: RAW

The Miz vs. Sami Zayn

Zayn vs. Ziggler would have been a more thrilling match technically. However, Miz brings unpredictability. He and Maryse can cheat their way out of things in more ways than you could imagine.

The match was good for both superstars. Sami Zayn hadn’t looked that great in ages. He gained some well-deserved attention with his in-ring work. His loss shouldn’t have a big negative impact since he was the better wrestler throughout and fell victim to the Maryse factor.

The Miz is on a roll again. He’s perfectly hateable and that makes him a good champ. However, my only worry is that the Miz/Ziggler rivalry, regardless of how good it’s been until now, will get repetitive, if it continues much longer. There are no more stakes to be entertained. This has to end. Miz needs a new feud.

Winner: The Miz

RAW vs. SmackDown Teams

The first half of this match was a big disappointment. The bell had barely rung when Breezango got eliminated. They deserved to get more love than that. The Hype Bros and the Shining Stars also didn’t get to do much. I expected better balance in this match. Instead half the people jobbed.

The New Day got taken out very early on. That was a huge shocker. The only explanation I can see is that this is setting up for the end of their reign and a victory for Cesaro and Sheamus.

Speaking of Sheamus and Cesaro, the fact that they were the last team standing was the only redeeming quality of the stupid decision to have RAW go over SmackDown. SmackDown has better developed teams and should have won. However, Cesaro and Sheamus proved that despite their arguments, they are a team to watch and became a credible threat to the New Day.

It also has to be said that the stand-outs of this match were the Usos and American Alpha. Both teams were amazing. Chad Gable is simply out of this world. He needs to get to those titles. Then again, the champs have to be given credit too. The crowd reaction Slater got was overwhelming.

Winner: RAW

Brian Kendrick vs. Kalisto

Kalisto took cruiserweight wrestling to a different level. This might have been the best match of his WWE career. I had the feeling I was watching Lucha Underground. Kalisto took many risks and it paid off. Too bad booking didn’t go his way.

It was not really a surprise that Baron Corbin robbed Kalisto of his victory. After all, Kalisto took away Corbin’s chance of being on the Survivor Series team. Plot-wise it makes sense but it’s still a sad decision for the wrestling community. SmackDown would have done a far better job at developing the cruiserweight division than RAW does.

Kendrick didn’t look weak, although he was about to lose prior to Corbin’s appearance. Quite the opposite. That video package about Kendrick that aired just before the match was brilliant. Hopefully, we’ll see that character shine on RAW.

Winner: Brian Kendrick

RAW vs. SmackDown Men

This was, hands down, the match of the night. There were so many shocking, risky and overall breath-taking moments in it that we could do a special edition of the Slammy Awards only for that one match.

Braun Strowman looked like an absolute beast. He’s a guy who definitely benefits greatly from the brand split. After that performance it will be difficult for RAW to keep Strowman away from the Universal Title.

Probably the most shocking moment of the match was the fact the James Ellsworth essentially eliminated Braun Strowman. Just saying that in my mind makes me laugh. Such a great way to utilise SmackDown’s mascot! Ellsworth is such a legend!

Owens got eliminated for trying to help Jericho and ironically, the one time he actually tried to defend his friend might be the one time that turned out to be detrimental to their friendship. The commentators eluded that Chris was upset over his List being destroyed, rather than thankful for KO’s help.

Good old Shane O’Mac outdid himself. He wasn’t concerned with surviving. He was on a suicide mission to take out as many RAW superstars as possible. He went from one insane spot to another until he destroyed himself. Great work!

The moment that got the entire WWE Universe fangirling to the maximum was the mini Shield reunion no one could foresee. Everyone wanted to see the legendary trio work together but with Ambrose on a different team, it seemed impossible. The Lunatic Fringe compensated an early elimination with providing the Shield to the fans against all odds.

The 2/3 Shield team work from Rollins and Reigns got the crowd going crazy. Reigns, who was relentlessly booed in all other parts of the match, got support when he was with Rollins. I have to say Reigns didn’t deserve the harsh treatment he got. He was actually good last night.

The little Wyatt Family vs. Shield spot wasn’t exploited too much as it came after Ambrose had left and the hyped had already peaked. However, Orton’s devotion to the Wyatt Family and taking a hit for Bray was a very interesting point that I imagine will be explored on SmackDown.

And last but not least, AJ Styles was the stand alone hero of the match. If we look at individual performances, no one was better than the SD champion. No one can blame Styles for falling to the united Shield but all will remember how brilliant he was in the ring.

Winner: SmackDown

Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar

This was the biggest OMG moment of the night. Even those who foresaw Godlberg winning did not see it happening in about 2 minutes with zero resistance from the Beast.

The fight was over almost as soon as it began. Total domination. It makes one wonder why the WWE sacrificed Lesnar and his unbeatable image, which came at the cost of the Streak, in such an unprecedented manner.

There could be two explanations behind this decision besides the pure shock factor. The first is that Goldberg is actually willing to return on at least part- time basis and this was his way of becoming truly valuable again. The second reason could be that Lesnar’s character needs to be stirred. It had become stale. A loss like that will inevitably shake him. This could set the Beast on a rampage, as he tries to prove his supremacy.

Winner: Goldberg


Overall, Survivor Series was great. The PPV lived up to the hype and showed why pitching SmackDown vs. RAW was a good decision. RAW got one victory more than SmackDown and that was disappointing. It showed that things haven’t really changed when it comes to overall positions of the brands in the WWE. Also, I think it was a wasted opportunity putting both the IC title and the CW division on the line and not moving either one of them. Then again, Survivor Series was entertaining and exciting. A job well done!


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