WWE Survivor Series 2016: Predictions

Survivor Series is coming this Sunday and for the first time in many years, the PPV actually looks promising. The brand split put meaning back into the RAW vs. SmackDown rivalry. And for once, SmackDown looks far stronger than RAW. Who will survive? Here are my predictions!

5-on-5 Women

SmackDown has the better, more developed Women’s Division. The SmackDown women deserve to win. And yet, they won’t.

RAW has Charlotte who has been undefeated at PPVs and Nia Jax who is undefeated. The overall star power of the RAW women’s division is far greater.

Stephanie McMahon runs Raw and she is very precious about the Women’s Revolution, so she will  have her girls come on top.

Prediction: RAW

5-on-5 Men

Team Blue is the team of the people and honestly deserves to win. The reality is that SD is better than RAW in every aspect but a clean sweep at Survivor Series doesn’t seem plausible. In fact, even a victory in the main traditional Sruvivor Series match sounds improbable.

RAW is deemed as the A show by the company, but the fans disagree. The WWE can’t afford to have the fans be right. RAW has to cling onto its status.

The 2/3 of the Shield on Team RAW is what might save the Red Team from being the ultimate villain in this because nothing else will keep the fans from chanting for SmackDown.

RAW needs to win this, in order to stay in control. However, nobody said they have to win clean. SmackDown might as well be cheated out of a victory. Maybe a little help from Triple H might come in handy.

Prediction: RAW

5-on-5 Tag Teams

SmackDown seems to have no chance to win this at all but this might be exactly the match to own. The teams on RAW have a better image and higher superstar ranking but the teams on SmackDown have better character development and are more fun. They need the push.

The only reason to give the victory to RAW would be to have the New Day look strong on their way to breaking Demolition’s record. Yet, after they pass this landmark, they will drop the belts and so cracks need to show. What better way to do that than to have the New Day fail as captains of Team RAW at Survivor Series?

Prediction: SmackDown

IC Title Macth

I would like to see Sami Zayn win the championship at Survivor Series. It would be his ultimate redemption. It would give him the push and the spotlight he always deserved.

However, losing the IC title to RAW would put SmackDown in a very unfavorable position in the long term. One belt is not enough for a show. What would the midcard do if SmackDown had no midcard gold to offer?

What’s most likely to happen is Ziggler will retainafter a long and difficult match. Then, Stephanie will fire Sami for failing and SmackDown will hire him. At least there he’d be booked better, so in the end, title or no title, Zayn will be the ultimate winner.

Prediction: Dolph Ziggler

Cruiserweight Championship Match

Baron Corbin could easily come out and spoil this match for everyone. He could take Kalisto out as revenge and cost SmackDown the Cruiserweight Division. However, for the good of the division, I hope this will not happen.

Even the cruiserweights themselves want Kendrick to lose. He just became champion and he’s a great character; actually, the best in the division at the moment. Then again, RAW is killing the Cruiserweight Division.

Survivor Series will give SmackDown the chance to save the cruiserweights. It’s no secret the Blue Brand has better creative team and so is now officially recognized as the Land of Opportunities. Kalisto needs to bag the victory and allow the Cruiserweight Division to hit its full potential on the better brand.

Prediction: Kalisto

Lesnar vs. Goldberg

The fans love Goldberg but Survivor Series won’t be the end of Lesnar’s streak. The Beast has too much of a pull, being undefeated. Giving the first victory over Lesnar to someone, who has no future in the WWE would be pointless. It’s a major push and someone young, who will be essential to the company in the long run should get it.

Goldberg should be the last man standing at the end of the night, looking strong and even leaving an opening for a rubber match one day. However, he can’t be given the official victory, regardless of how much the fans scream for him.

Prediction: Lesnar


Who do you think will win at Survivor Series? Leave a comment and let us know?

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