Lesnar vs. Goldberg: A Band-Aid for a Suffering Show

Monday Night RAW hit the jackpot with the fans by delivering Bill Goldberg after 12 years of absence. It was a monumental return, marking the beginning of an even more titanic clash – Lesnar vs. Goldberg.  Booking this WrestleMania XX rematch is probably the biggest trump card the Red Brand has. Brilliant booking, classic brand vs. brand matches – nothing SmackDown offers right now can come even close to the hype Goldberg brought to RAW. However, this is only one match and it’s merely a temporary solution. The fans are not pleased with the way RAW is being booked and one big event will only appease them for so long.

Everyone was excited about RAW last night. Because of Godlberg. What else was on the show? A lot of Jericho/Owens/Rollins and nothing else. The main event is going strong but everything around it feels like a lame filler that stretches a poor show to a lengthy run-time of 3 hours. The main midcard feud on RAW – Rusev vs. Reigns stooped to a new low. Involving civilian family members to further a storyline is one of the most distasteful things in wrestling. The only thing that saved that segment was that Roman Reigns didn’t offend Rusev’s relatives in his promo, just Rusev himself. And if the US title segment managed to stay afloat, the rest of the midcard is deep underwater already.

The Sheamus/Cesaro angle was played out in the most predictable way. It’s obvious these two will win the titles but the WWE is still trying to makes us believe that they aren’t even trying to find a way to get to the gold together, which only makes them look stupid. And what happened with Karl Anderson was just outrageous! Having Big Cass squash Anderson like a third-rate local jobber was most definitely NOT the way to sell the Club’s new, more aggressive, “no jokes” approach to their feuds.  The rest of the tag team division storylines consist of the Shining Stars, constantly trying to scam R-Truth.

How about midcard singles pushes? There goes Titus with his latest failed gimmick. I wonder how this was pitched to him:  “Hey, man, we’ve got something for you! You’ll constantly lose and act like a complete joke but at least, you’ll get to be on TV. Exciting, right?” Meanwhile, there’s Braun Strowman, squashing three instead of two jobbers this time. What should we expect next week? Four? Five? A football team? How thrilling! And let’s not forget Bo Dallas, who’s getting some glimpses of future success… or maybe nothing more than a feud with Curtis Axel. And as good as giving Bo some vague chance is, doing it at the expense of Neville was a bad move. Neville is not in a good place at all at the moment. This just buried him even more. Such a shame, knowing how insanely athletic he is in the ring.

The one thing that was meant to pull RAW to the top in the long-term was the cruiserweight division. However, it’s getting no attention whatsoever. We only see six of the signees and even they get close to none character development. Why would the fans be expected to care then? Also, if the cruiserweights were to get noticed, even if it’s by merit of their incredible wrestling alone, they should be booked with more confidence. Their matches are like an afterthought in-between the bigger segments. Why won’t the cruiserweights open the show for once? If they are to be seen as important, they should be presented as such.

Probably the only non-main event decision made on RAW that was ok was to book Dana Brooke over Bayley. It is a controversial move, knowing the level of wrestling skill Bayley has but it was a shocker and it gave Dana some much needed momentum. The problem here is that Dana was degraded so much during her time with Charlotte that she desperately needed a clean victory, but giving her one, was a hit to Bayley’s credibility because of how low Dana is in the ranks. The WWE needs to book this carefully in the future, in order to keep the balance and get both ladies what they deserve. After all, they are what RAW is counting on when it comes to brightening up the women’s division. Otherwise, the show would be left with the two women at the top – Sasha and Charlotte, and nothing more.

The state of RAW right now is painful to think about. Goldberg’s amazing speech touched the fans and attracted the attention of the WWE Universe. However, as big as Lesanr vs. Goldberg is, it will eventually happen and the hype will pass. What will RAW be left with then? Mediocrity and bad booking.


What do you think of the way RAW is being booked? Is Goldberg enough to save the show? Leave a comment and let us know what you think!

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