3 SmackDown Storylines That Might Have Gone Unnoticed This Week

With Dolph Ziggler and the Miz, turning the IC title into the most serious prize on SmackDown; Daniel Brian and Shane McMahon, throwing a triple Survivor Series challenge to RAW; and James Ellsworth, causing chaos by defeating the WWE Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles, some of the Blue Brand’s new storylines might have gone unnoticed. Here’s three midcard SmackDown angles that the WWE Universe should keep an eye on.

The Ascension vs. The Hype Bros

Over the last couple of weeks, the Ascension have been stirring. They keep showing up wherever the Hype Bros are and just stare ominously at them. The very fact that the Ascension don’t say a word adds to the atmosphere of the budding rivalry. It creates a sensation of danger.

This week, it was a locker room segment with the two teams, sharing a stare-down. It’s interesting to note that Zack Ryder is alone in understanding the gravity of the situation. For Mojo it’s all a joke because he thinks the Ascension “ain’t hype”. However, Ryder, being the veteran, is aware of the threat that Konnor and Viktor represent.  This could do for some good storytelling.

There’s no title on the line here but the feud deserves attention. The Ascension have been at the bottom of the card for far too long. They never even came close to reaching the potential they showed on NXT. This could be their chance to become a legitimate threat again.

Curt Hawkins

Curt Hawkins keeps trolling the WWE Universe. Weeks of vignettes led to a promo at No Mercy’s kick-off show, in which he promised to make his official SmackDown debut on 11 October, which was yesterday. Yet, there was no sign of Curt Hawkins anywhere.

Curiously, Hawkins actually was backstage and did a promo for the SD Live Fallout. He didn’t really give a reason as to why he didn’t make his debut and no one knows the truth yet. All we got was “Time waits for no man…except Curt Hawkins” with a dramatic turn around, accompanied by a hair flip and a Bollywood-esque explosion.

Whatever the reasons for this delay, there is a rising problem here. In the beginning, the fans were hyped about Hawkins’ return. Gradually, the more the WWE postponed it, the more the fans started to build the mental image of his future as a jobber only.

It is true that SmackDown is the show of opportunities and if Hawkins has a chance of making it with this gimmick, it definitely is on the Blue Brand. Just look at Heath Slater! However, the WWE must be careful because the fans were behind Slater, which was the reason for his success. Here, the fans are starting to lose faith in Curt Hawkins, so if this keeps going on, maybe even SmackDown won’t be able to do the trick.


SmackDown is quite good at giving attention to all its talent. Saying that, I had completely forgotten Breezango were even on the roster until yesterday. This is why, seeing an actually intriguing backstage segment with them, even if it was only part of the SmackDown Fallout, made me happy.

We saw Tyler Breeze backstage, searching for Fandango, who had mysteriously disappeared. Now this could go anywhere. It could be the beginning of a split up and maybe even a feud between the two. However, it could be something to do with a team feud, as well.

What if it was the Vaudevillains, who took Fandango? How is Tyler Breeze, going to fight against the odds to find and rescue his partner? How are Breezango, going to return the attack? This could be one interesting feud. Fandango was quite good in similar backstage segments when he still was in his old Creepy Curtis gimmick. We know he can tell a story. As for Tyler Breeze, just seeing him pull out that yellow tape and start an investigation made me want to have more of this.

Being a Fallout video, this segment most probably went unnoticed. However, regardless of whether the Vaudevillains theory is right or not, it definitely is the start of something that will be worth following. Making Tyler Breeze and Fandango relevant will be one of SmackDown’s greatest achievements.


Did you pay attention to these storylines? What do you think about them? Leave a comment and let us know!

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