5 RAW Superstars That Need More Attention

Even after the brand split, RAW still has a huge gap between top talent and the rest. We can even say the show has its jobbers. Let’s look at 5 names on the roster that totally deserve better!

Sami Zayn

One of the most obvious examples for misused talent is Sami Zayn. He might have gotten out the victor in his feud with Kevin Owens but that one last match he won barely registered in the fans’ memory. All people see is that KO is the Universal Champion, still in the main event, while coming off a supposedly important victory, Sami Zayn is still stuck in the lower midcard.

Last Monday night Sami squashed Titus O’Neil and even that wasn’t about Sami. The defeat set up a fake press conference segment for Titus and promoted his latest attempt at creating a working gimmick. I’m struggling to remember what Zayn was doing before that. Oh, yes! Losing to Chris Jericho and then seeking no rematch. With this sort of booking Sami won’t be much more than a jobber.

In a recent interview, Sami mentioned that he wanted to face Brock Lesnar. Well, with the treatment he’s getting, he won’t have much better chances than Heath Slater against the Beast.

Summer Rae

Did you actually remember that Summer Rae was on the Raw roster? Most probably not. That’s because she hasn’t wrestled once on TV since the brand split. Alicia Fox, might have gotten squashed by Nia Jax, but we were, at least, reminded of her existence. Something that can’t be said for Summer.

It’s a shame because Summer is a good worker. She devotes to any gimmick she’s given, even if it’s as ridiculous, as proposing to Rusev and calling him “RuRu” with a straight face on. Summer is relatively good on the mic. Her facial expressions are very animated, which helps her sell both promos and moves in the ring.

She hasn’t been much on the main roster but on NXT, Summer was the leader of the BFFS. To see Charlotte and Sasha at the top, while Summer isn’t even seen on TV seems unfair.

Jinder Mahal

Jinder Mahal’s case baffles me. The WWE forced him into the idiotic 3MB skit, fired him and then re-hired him, only to turn him into a jobber again. What was the point of bringing the guy back if he isn’t going to be used?

Jnder’s “the man who found peace” gimmick looks like a recipe for disaster. It has, as much chance of success, as Fandango’s dancing gimmick, or Tyler Breeze’s fashion model gimmick. Then again, on SmackDown, Heath Slater with his fake children is doing well, so if utilized properly, Mahal’s soul searching character could potentially work.

Actually, Jinder had a very funny exchange with Foxy backstage a couple of weeks back, where he was trying to take her under his wing on a spiritual road to self-discovery, while she simply thought he was hitting on her. Their chemistry was good. If that was to become a storyline, it could work out.

Bo Dallas

Bo never did well on the main roster. It was sad to think how over he was on NXT – tossing cookies at the crowd, completely oblivious to his own heelishness. Bo had a unique gimmick but it was never given a proper chance on RAW.

This new, post brand split gimmick that Bo is developing seems like a bad idea. Dark poet Bo is a weird specimen. Bo has always been odd but his strength was that he was funny.  What could have worked well was to have had Bo lose his temper from time to time, defeating opponents in violent, psychotic outbursts (a storyline that was started but never got developed).

Sadly, we might never get to see if the dark poet gimmick is going to work for Bo, or not. I’m starting to think that those segments were added only to build Bo up for his match against WWE’s newest recruit Bin Wang in China. I was actually hoping he’d finally get a push.


Neville – the man the WWE forgot. You can take this as an overused internet joke, or as the sad truth. Despite all his in ring talent, Neville plummeted when he came to the main roster.

The brand split didn’t do Neville any good. With the Cruiserweight Division, coming to RAW, another opportunity for him to shine came on the horizon but the WWE is ignoring it for now. Neville’s size speed and style would fit perfectly with the cruiserweights. Their matches are all about quick, fluid, creative wrestling.

Adding Neville to the Cruiserweight Division would help not only him, but also the division itself. Currently, the WWE is struggling with building characters and storylines with all the new superstars. One main asset is Brian Kendrick because the fans know him and respond to him. Adding Neville to the mix would give the WWE another respected name to build feuds around.


What do you think about these 5 superstars and their place on the RAW roster? Who else do you think is getting neglected? Leave a comment and let us know!

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