WWE Backlash 2016: Match Card & Predictions

The first SmackDown exclusive PPV comes this Sunday and the WWE Universe is getting excited. The Miz and Dean Ambrose will defend their titles and the first ever SmackDown Tag Team and Women’s Champions will be crowned at Backlash. Who will have the honour? Here are my predictions!

The Usos vs. The Hype Bros /Tag Team Titles Tournament Match/

The Usos just made their much needed heel turn and took Gable and Jordan out of the tournament. There is no way they are losing to the Hype Bros here.

Even if the Usos hadn’t been on such a roll, the Hype Bros still wouldn’t have had a chance because they just lost to Slater and Rhyno on SmackDown. How could they possibly win the titles against the same team?

I’m expecting new gear and new entrance for the Usos. They must have a complete makeover, in order to sell their new characters.

TBD vs. Heath Slater & Rhyno /Tag Team Titles Tournament Match/

It’s a hard one. The Usos are the stronger team. Also, their new heel role puts them on top in a division with no developed heel teams. However, Heath Slater absolutely MUST get a contract at Backlash. Therefore, I’d give the victory to Slater and Rhyno.

The only way I can see this happening is if Jordan and Gable (or just Jordan) show up and screw the Usos out of the titles. Realistically, Rhyno and Slater will probably drop the belts to one of those two teams very soon. However, on this particular Sunday, Slater deserves to finally get his contract.

The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler /IC Title Match/

The Miz has drawn too much attention to lose now. His amazing promo at Talking Smack and his overall extremely irritating heel persona are putting the IC title in the spotlight, so his reign shouldn’t end just yet.

Another major loss will most probably push Dolph over the edge. As much as I like the guy, he’s jobbed too many times and he’s lost credibility.  This could be his opportunity to do the same as the Usos – turn heel and try to get a renewed reaction from the fans.

Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt

It’s hard to call this one because both man need the victory. Bray has turned into a guy who only talks but never delivers and people don’t believe in him anymore.  Randy, on the other hand, just lost his debut match to Brock Lesnar. Both have good arguments as to why they deserve to come on top at Backlash.

The reason I think Bray Wyatt will bag the victory is because this will not be the end of the rivalry. It’s just the beginning. Realistically, Orton will get the last laugh. However, for now, Bray has to get a battle victory. His trump card is the Wyatt Family. They are a huge factor that the Viper hasn’t addressed at all.

Becky Lynch vs. Nikki Bella vs. Natalya vs. Naomi vs. Alexa Bliss vs. Carmella /6-pack Challenge for the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship/

There could be some serious doubts as to who the WWE will book as the winner. However, if we have to talk about who truly should be the victor at Backlash, there are no doubts – it’s Becky Lynch.

Becky is the most over face on the roster. The fans adore her and everyone knows that for a person, as talented as she is, she has been sacrificed too many times for Paige, Charlotte, Sasha and even Bayley. Becky hasn’t been treated well on the main roster, at all. The New Era must change that. She’d be the perfect face for SmackDown.

My only concern is that the WWE might try to crown Nikki as their champ. That should not happen. Yes, the Bella Army still exists and there will be a lot of people who’ll boo her, too. However, Nikki is nowhere near as good as Becky, and Nikki has had her fair share of success. It’s the New Era. New people should get a shot at the top.

Dean Ambrose vs. AJ Styles /WWE World Championship Match/

I love Ambrose as a character and as a champion. However, it seems like here, his reign will come to an end. You don’t give someone a clean victory over John Cena for nothing. It would be pointless if all that momentum that Styles has gained leads nowhere. If there’s a time for the Phenomenal One to get a championship run, it’s now.

If Ambrose retains, there’s a good chance that Baron Corbin will be his next challenger. The WWE have been inconspicuously building him up for something and it just might be that. Yet, I still think that Styles has much better grounds to believe he’ll be the one to dethrone the Lunatic Fringe.

My only concern is that the match might have a dirty finish. I won’t be surprised if Styles gives Ambrose a low blow behind the ref’s back. That would spoil what should be a great wrestling spectacle.


Who do you think will be victorious at Backlash? Leave a comment and let us know!

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