Discussing Why Dean Ambrose Should Win the 2016 Money in the Bank Ladder Match

This Sunday marks the seventh Money in the Bank pay-per-view and we’ll be looking forward to crowning the 17th Mr. Money in the Bank in WWE history. Both the fans and the bookies agree that the two competitors most likely to win the ladder match are Kevin Owens and Dean Ambrose. However, only one man will hold the briefcase that has the power to change the entire complexion in the WWE and that man should be the Lunatic Fringe – Dean Ambrose.

Normally, I would go for Kevin Owens as my top pick. The MITB briefcase belongs to a heel character and as far as heels are concerned, it doesn’t get much better than Kevin Owens. In fact, he might be the best overall heel the WWE has to offer. Owens would also be the perfect Mr. Money in the Bank. He’s a prize fighter and he picks his fights carefully. When he does enter a match, KO surely delivers in the ring, so his confidence is backed up. Give that character the ultimate tool to pick and choose his time to win the biggest prize of them all and you’ll get excitement. It’s like Owens’ entire gimmick is built to suit the Mr. MITB role. However, as ideal as he is for the part, I don’t think that this is the right year for KO to get that briefcase because this year there’s a much more powerful player in the game – the Shield.

When you are picking out the man who’s inevitably going to jump into the hunt for the WWE World Heavyweight Title, you must consider the current championship scene. Right now, it’s Rollins vs. Reigns and with the possibility of Ambrose, being added to the mix, the temptation to create an inter Shield feud is too big. The fans have been longing for that clash ever since the group fell apart. Until now, it’s always been Rollins vs. Reigns and Ambrose. The villain was clear cut and the brothers were tightly bound by their loyalty. However, the Ambrose Asylum on RAW showed us another picture – the one where there are no alliances in war. The Lunatic Fringe attacked Roman Reigns without batting an eye. Rollins and Ambrose carried the segment on the mic and elevated the tension. Their chemistry made up for what Reigns lacks as a talker. Overall, a god rivalry could become legendary with the addition of Ambrose as Mr. Money in the Bank.

The decision to have Ambrose win the Money in the Bank ladder match also makes sense when it comes to the distorted heel/face dynamic in the Rollins/Reigns feud. The fans wanted Seth to return as a face but he trolled them all and came back as a 100% heel, while the WWE stoically continued to cling on to Reigns’ face position. However, the WWE’s decision makers aren’t delusional. The preferences of the viewers are well accounted for. That’s reflected in the video packages, building up to MITB. Rollins’ point of view was presented in a way that it connected with the fans on an emotional level. Even though he’s a heel, he wasn’t made out to be any less right than Roman Reigns. This made the WWE Universe wonder whether there won’t be a double turn in the Rollins/Reigns match at Money in the Bank. My view is that there will be one and Seth Rollins will finally become the face everyone wants him to be, but the one turning heel won’t be Reigns. It will be Ambrose.

The way I see the title match revolving would have Seth Rollins outwrestle Roman Reigns in the end. He’d hit the Pedigree and he’d have Reigns beat. The moment Rollins reclaims his title and proceeds to have a heart-warming celebration under the roaring ovation of the fans, the Lunatic Fringe will ambush him and cash in, ripping the title away from his grip. Seth will become a martyr and Dean will be the cutthroat heel he was always meant to be. In this scenario, the WWE gets to keep Reigns face, the fans get to see Rollins become their hero and they also get the last member of the Shield to become a WWE World Heavyweight Champion. This opens up a full-on inter Shield feud and will sell thousands of tickets. Even two years after their break-up the Shield have an incredible selling power that can’t be disregarded.

The only thing that might make this outcome questionable is the fact that it’s way too perfect. It’s become obvious that this is the best choice. The way the WWE booked the last week before the PPV makes it too easy for Ambrose. The usual idea of “the last guy to win on TV never wins at the PPV” is always in play and it helps KO’s case. However, I think it would be a shame to miss out on the Ambrose vs. Rollins vs. Reigns feud. It’s a feud that promises to win Rivalry of the Year before it’s even begun.

The WWE must capitalize on the Shield’s potential and to do that Dean Ambrose must become Mr. Money in the Bank.

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