WWE Survivor Series 2015 – Predictions

Tyler Breeze vs. Dolph Ziggler

This kick-off match will be worth watching. The storyline isn’t anything special but Breeze vs. Ziggler can be breathtaking in the ring.

I’d give the victory to Prince Pretty because he just made his debut on the main roster. Losing his first feud won’t help him establish his presence.

There is a big possibility of the WWE screwing up Breeze’s run on the main roster. His character’s credibility seems very shaky away from the open-minded NXT atmosphere, where only wrestling matters. A good showing of Tyler’s skills in the ring has to be allowed at Survivor Series. He needs to get himself noticed.

Dean Ambrose vs. Kevin Owens

Although I believe that out of all four semi finalists, Kevin Owens is the one who can best replace Seth Rollins as an Authority-affiliated heel champion, it seems unlikely that he’ll go through Ambrose on Sunday.

The Ambrose/Reigns storyline has a certain pull of its own, without any build up necessary. This is why the WWE will most probably go down that route. Anything else would be a surprise.

Roman Reigns vs. Alberto Del Rio

Following the logic of the previous one, Del Rio has no chance of going over Roman Reigns. After all, Reigns was meant to compete for the title before the WWE Title Tournament even came to be.

Del Rio, just like Owens, is restrained by his midcard championship. The WWE wouldn’t allow a double champion so soon after Seth Rollins achieved this milestone. The US and the Intercontinental Titles need to be the sole focus of their carriers, if the two championships are to have any prestige.

Charlotte vs. Paige

Charlotte will retain. She only recently became champion and her reign is yet to become memorable.

Despite the blunt “Daddy’s sweet girl” gimmick that the WWE gave her on the main roster, Charlotte is a great wrestler. She deserves to hold the gold and she is willing to do everything to get the Divas Title over. The proof of that is that she agreed to do the controversial contract signing segment with Paige, allowing the WWE to play with an obviously sensitive topic.  You can’t make her drop the belt after that. It would be absolutely unfair.

Traditional 5-on-5 Survivor Series Elimination Match

We can only guess who’d be in this match but my prediction is:

New Day, King Barrett & Stardust vs. Cesaro, Neville, Ryback & The Lucha Dragons

The PPV can’t go without the New Day. They are way too entertaining to be given a miss. Barrett and Stardust have nothing else to do and are the usual fillers for meaningless tag team matches these days, so why not? The only one who’d be unhappy with this heel line-up would be the Ascension, since they are affiliated with Stardust at the moment.

Ryback, Neville and Cesaro are face superstars that have a strong fan base, so they will get a reaction from the crowd and a palce on the card. The options for tag teams to join them were limited to the Lucha Dragons and the Duddley Boyz. I picked Kalisto and Sin Cara because I find them more entertaining and because the LUCHA chants are over with the fans.

As the match has no build-up and will be of no interest, the winner isn’t that important and probably the face team will go over.

The Wyatt Family vs. The Brothers of Destruction

Hopefully, the Wyatt Family will pick up the victory. The rivalry was rushed and failed to reach its full potential. The only thing that could be salvaged is long-term momentum. I’d say the Wyatts need it more.

If the Brothers of Destruction win, Bray Wyatt’s words will seem empty and they are all he has. The Eater of Worlds is a great character and he needs to win at least some of these feuds he starts.

However, this doesn’t mean that the Deadman will lose clean. Far from that. Most probably, either Kane will take the fall, or the match will end in DQ. After all, the Wyatt Family is a 4-member stable. It would be strange if the other two didn’t try to get involved.

WWE Title Tournament Final

The general expectations are that the Final will be decided between Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. The WWE Universe is waiting for a heel turn but I don’t like that idea very much.  It’s too predictable and it will hurt the Shield’s chances for credible reunion in the future.

I think that neither man should win the title. Sheamus should. The Celtic Warrior still is Mr. MITB. He’d have absolutely nothing against working for the Authority and he’d be easy to recruit and control – prefect choice.

Maybe the reason why all the attention is directed at Ambrose and Reigns is that the WWE wants us to believe there will be a heel turn, so Sheamus could come out as a surprise.

In any case, I’m reluctant to turn Reigns or Ambrose heel in a feud against each other because of the long-term implications it would have. Giving the championship to Sheamus would also allow Reigns to once again complain that he was so close but got screwed out of the title. He’d then feud with Sehamus and win the championship from him. In a Sheamus vs. Reigns rivalry, Reigns actually has a chance of being taken as a face. Therefore, the Celtic Warrior is my pick to leave Survivor Series as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.


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