Top 5 Candidates to Accept Cena’s US Title Challenge at Hell in a Cell

Hell in a Cell is just two days away. All titles are on the line but John Cena’s US Title Open Challlange’s left us with a question mark on the card. Who will be Cena’s mystery opponent? Here are my top 5 suggestions!

  1. Heath Slater

I know that this choice is a bit too eccentric. Despite being fairly popular, due to his appearances on several WWE Network original shows, Slater is yet to see striking success in his career. Because he’s naturally funny, he’s been used mostly as a comic relief character and recently, he hasn’t been used at all.

However, last week the WWE’s official YouTube channel featured a couple of videos of Heath Slater desperately trying (and miserably failing) to get someone to play his music and cue him in as a challenger for Cena. Imagine if this Sunday, at HIAC, Slater actually succeeds in his quest to finding the “audio guy”. What if the One Man Band tune hits and as over-the-top as usual, Heath comes out and steps in the ring. No one would take him seriously, even Cena. But underestimating Slater would cost the champ his title.

That would be a massive surprise to everyone and it would give Heath Slater the opportunity he never had. Unfortunately, he might be a bit too low on the card to get a push of this magnitude.

  1. Xavier Woods

Another surprise opponent could be Xavier Woods. First of all, the New Day have tried more than once to steal the title off of Cena but it never worked out. Second, Woods is supposedly injured after the table spot on RAW and he might not even be at ring side for the tag team titles match. No one would even expect to see him at the show, so revealing Woods as Cena’s challenger and the man to defeat the champion would be a nice twist.

Giving Xavier the championship would elevate the New Day to a new level. They are probably the most dominant faction on the roster at the moment. The Wyatts are too busy playing mind games to chase up any titles. The US championship, added to the Tag Team Titles, would give the New Day exactly as much gold as the Shield had when they were at the top of their heel run.

However, the fans might not want to see the New Day vs. Cena, again. Also, knowing how fond the New Day are of the Freebird Rule, we might find ourselves, having three Us Champions at the same time, which would be very strange indeed.

  1. Dean Ambrose

If someone really deserves a title run it’s Ambrose. The one time he got the gold, he was a heel so he was booked to never defend it. We all know the Lunatic Fringe can do better.

Putting the title on Ambrose would attract a lot of attention to it. The fans adore the Lunatic Fringe. He knows how to play with words and handle long segments. The WWE needs someone like that to fill in for Cena because stepping in Cena’s shoes is far more difficult than it seems. Say whatever you want about him but Cena gets a reaction from the crowd. His reign brought prestige back to the championship. The next person to hold the US title must have the charisma and the star power to retain the momentum that Cena gained.

Ambrose is free, as Reigns’ feud with Bray Wyatt is coming to an end. He has all the qualities and the popularity he needs. There’s nothing stopping him but the WWE Creative.

  1. Braun Strowman

It’s not very likely that Cena will lose clean on Sunday but if he does, it will be to Braun Strowman. So far, The Black Sheep of the Wyatt Family has been presented as an unstoppable monster but his character hasn’t caught on yet because he never has any singles matches, let alone important ones.

The Kick-off Show tag match that was meant for Strowman isn’t happening, so he is free to challenge Cena. He’d go down the ramp, walk in and make the champ pass out, scoring a win by submission and therefore, becoming the new US Champion. As Cena is the biggest name in the company, dominating over him would give Strowman the credibility he needs. It would also give an excuse to be write Cena off of the WWE programming.

The one problem that arises here is Bray Wyatt. It would be strange if in a cult following, one of the sheep has gold around his waist and the leader of the flock doesn’t. Maybe Strowman will win it but Bray will carry it; or maybe Braun will surrender the title to his prophet willingly. In any case, some storyline would need to be booked to explain this.

  1. Tyler Breeze

Prince Pretty would not have been a viable option until yesterday. Tyler Breeze made an unexpected debut on SmackDown, found himself a valet in Summer Rae and took out Dolph Ziggler. Practically, he kicked the door in and already has a feud waiting for him.

If Tyler comes out as Cena’s mystery opponent, he could have the same success as Kevin Owens. First PPV match, first win over Cena. However, Breeze would top that off by taking the title as a bonus prize.

With Summer Rae at his side, he could easily cheat his way to victory. She could distract the referee and Tyler could use his selfie stick to incapacitate Cena without getting disqualified. This would be a perfect way out for Cena because it would allow him to lose without lying down for a clean pin. It would also elevate Tyler Breeze’s position as a heel on the main roster and The Gorgeous One would finally have the reign he’s always deserved. When Ziggler’s back he could continue his rivalry with Breeze but over the championship. The matches between those two would be amazing. It sounds like a picture perfect scenario.



Those are my top 5 suggestions for Cena’s mystery opponent. Do you have any others? Who’s your top pick? Share your opinion in the comment section or on Twitter!

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