New Blood Rising Podcast – Halloween Havoc 1999

We welcome the New Blood Rising podcast to Wrestling Informant! Here’s their first show:

Episode 1 of the New Blood Rising Podcast brings us to Las Vegas for the always anticipated Halloween Havoc. But this year is especially anticipated since it is the first pay-per-view in the Russo/Ferrara writing regime. We have Sting defending the WCW World Title against Hulk Hogan, Diamond Dallas Page versus Ric Flair, and Goldberg challenging WCW US Champion, Sid Vicious!…At least that’s how it started off on paper anyway. Join William Renken, Jason Keisler, and Charlie Stabile for the debut of the New Blood Rising Podcast and a new era for WCW! Subscribe on iTunes and follow us @newbloodpod on Twitter

Gary Cantrell
Join me!